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Upendo Golf



Welcome to Upendo Golf

"I have always been a keen follower of golf on TV, but could not take up the sport due to the initial huge expenses of classes, membership, clubs and balls required to play golf. As I have travelled across the world, I have been blown away by how easy it was to start playing golf with no upfront cost, and how easy it was to pick up the general swing in order to be relatively competitive. I felt my competitive beast wake up as soon as I started swinging." -Founder

Take Your Game To The Next Level

Play like a PRO... Explore golf, book a session, get tips from world-class trainers, beginners, intermediate, professional, start at any level.

Mini golf


No membership, Fun for all, Improve your Drive.

Time with friends

Enjoy the sumptuous delights of our international chefs as you order from our expansive selection of world cuisine.

Amazing Experiences

Catwalk Shows

You describe it, we make it happen!

Theme Parties

Get lost in time with our theme parties.


Get picked up by and dropped off conveniently using UPENDO shuttles….there’s a pick-up near you!