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One stop shop for family entertainment

UPENDO GOLF will be a Family Entertainment Center devoted to bringing affordable golf related entertainment to Kenyan public. With the mission of becoming Nairobi’s and eventually Kenya’s one stop shop for family entertainment, we will offer a multitude of indoor activities for patrons who are looking for fun activities to do.

UPENDO GOLF will be a golf range with a difference. The essence of this golf range will be about fun, golf, and entertainment.


I have always been a keen follower of golf on TV, but could not take up the sport due to the initial huge expenses of classes, membership, clubs and balls required to play golf. During a visit to Topgolf in UK, I was blown away by the idea of how easy it was to start playing golf with no upfront cost and how easy it was to pick up the general swing in order to be relatively competitive. I felt my competitive beast wake up as soon as I started swinging.

                                                                                                                                                                  Founder, UPENDO GOLF

There are plenty of golf enthusiasts facing the same plight as the founder of the UPENDO GOLF. The expensive cost of golf equipment, classes, and golf club memberships often renders a golf enthusiast uninterested in playing the game.

During a visit to Topgolf in the UK, he realized how easy it was to bring the sport to the masses without any huge expenses at their end.  Introducing UPENDO GOLF. The company addresses the problem faced by families and corporates looking for fun & entertainment centers.







Red Hill Nairobi Kenya

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